Dear Valentines, 

Somebody really loves you.

Moreover, we would like to thank your Valentine for making this event such a success. 

Also, for recognizing the labor value in a card made by hand by Thom Romero,

and their enthusiasm for the arts and the work of Tim Anderson. 

We wish you all could win, but alas, we know that is not possible. 


Best of Luck & Great thanks to all ~ 


Elizabeth Lee Kelley & Elizabeth Marie Black

Kelley + Black = converging art, artists & collectors

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The handmade numbered Valentine you received is ALSO your automatic chance to collect (to commission, actually) an original portrait painting by.....

.................. Tim Anderson, Chicago’s preeminent portrait artist !


On February 14th, 2015 at 8 pm, a video of the drawing will be posted with the winning number.


We wish you luck in love and art !  See you back here on Valentine's Day.


Exciting !